About Me and My Work

Dana - Acrylic on canvas - 18 x 36 - My old dog Dana. I did this painting for myself to remember her by.

I am a pet portrait artist living and working in Los Angeles.

I have been taking commissions from clients for a few years now and I adore it. Being a dog owner to a rambunctious, handsome golden retriever rescue named Hudson, I get how people become so attached to their pets that they regard them as part of the family.  A painted portrait is a great way to reflect this as it represents the special role a pet can play in a persons life.

I work from photographs that people send me.  I am very open to ideas and will try to accommodate any special requests. All I ask is that the photographs are clear and that I can get a sense of the animals character from them.

I create colorful, witty, smart paintings in which I try to capture the personality of the animal.  As a result my clients get a very individualized unique piece of work.



Some satisfied client reactions:

"He loves it! It has pride of place in the living room - it fits perfectly. U R one talented lady!"

"Beautiful, witty portraits kathryn"

'Thanks so much! i'll definitely recommend your work"

"the paintings came!! they are beautiful...they look even better in real life so vibrant and cute"

"this is SUCH a lovely, perceptive portrait of a cherished companion. Chas is very dear to Jenny, which is why I commissioned this from Kathryn as a present for her. We couldn't be happier with it"

"Omg I love love love it!! You did a fantastic job!! So excited!! Thank you so much for choosing Gillian you've captured him perfectly."

" I love it!!! It captures her perfectly, especially the eyes."

I work mostly with acrylics on canvas but again will accommodate if you have a preference of materials.

I will explain the size, process and cost of a painting before we commit. Prices depend on the size of the canvas and how many animals in one painting.  To give an approximation, for one animal, Prices start at $180 for a 10 x 12/ 10 x 10 canvas. $200 for a 12 x 14/ 12 x 12 canvas and $250 for a 16 x 20/ 16 x 16 canvas and so on. This is just a guideline and will be discussed before I begin painting.  If you have a time period in which the painting has to be completed I will be completely honest as to whether this is achievable - I haven't missed a deadline yet!

I make sure my clients feel fully informed, engaged and excited about the project and that they are totally happy with the outcome.  This and the fact that I am creating something that will be put on a wall and cherished makes me a very contented painter!

Please do browse my work and if you enjoy my style and want to know more, please do get in touch.


Me and my dog Hudson